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    There is a strong pace in the registrations, in a way that could make .BOSTON the most successful

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FAQ BOSTON domain names

What is a .BOSTON domain?

.BOSTON is a new domain extension that will launch in the following months. This extension will allow people in Boston to register and claim web addresses ending with .BOSTON. www.sports.boston, www.visit.boston, www.restaurants.boston, etc.

Can you give me examples of .BOSTON domain names?

Right now the only active domain is nic.boston. But you may apply for .BOSTON domains through our website www.hellodotboston.com. Examples may be: nightlife.boston, clubs.boston, cafe.boston, etc.

Can I get one now?

We are still in the early stages of the launch of .BOSTON domain names. While you can apply for one as a pre-registration, we will only be able to attempt the activation of the .BOSTON domain when the registry launches the live service. This is scheduled to happen in September.

What is a Pre-registration?

A pre-registration is a request for a .BOSTON domain name. We will receive the request and will try to register the domain for you as soon as this is technically possible. We may or may not be able to get the domain name for you.

What happens if you don’t secure my .BOSTON domain name?

If we are not able to register the domain you requested, we will refund the full amount paid. No worries, there is no risk with the pre-registration.

Why may the pre-registration fail to secure the .BOSTON domain?

Several parties may be interested in the same domain name and only the first claim will get the domain. In case we are unable to process your request first, the domain may be assigned to someone else. The domain you request may also be removed from the available pool of domains by the registry or may be priced at a premium price.

What is the launch schedule?

Pre-registrations can be made from now until October 9 of 2017.

The following schedule refers to the activation of .BOSTON domain names, and not to the possibility of requesting a domain as a pre-registration.

Phase Date Time
Sunrise for Trademarks Starts 01-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Sunrise for Trademarks Ends 31-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Community Phase for Official and City Gov entities Starts 08-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Community Phase for Official and City Gov entities Ends 06-Oct-17 16:00 UTC
General Availability Starts 10-OCt-17 16:00 UTC

What is the Sunrise phase?

In a Sunrise phase, only registered trademarks that have completed the Trademark Clearinghouse validation may request a .BOSTON domain name.

Why are some names unavailable for pre-registration?

Some names are unavailable because the Registry has determined them to be Premium domain names. These domain names will be sold at a later stage. Some other domains may be reserved for the City Government or may be reserved due to ICANN policy.

Can I get hosting and email with my .BOSTON domain name?

Yes, you will be able to get hosting and email with your .BOSTON domain name. We will make this services available as soon as the domains are active.

Can I use my existing hosting or email service?

Yes, you can configure your existing services to work with you .BOSTON domain name. Just ask your provider how to configure your services to work with your .BOSTON domain. Send us the DNS instructions and we’ll help you with the configuration.

Who can apply for a .BOSTON domain name?

Anyone can apply for a .BOSTON domain name. There is no restriction in the policy that restricts the registration to residents, individuals or companies in Boston.

Start Date Sunrise

We are excited to announce our plan to launch .boston as a Start Date Sunrise. As this will be a first-come, first-served Sunrise we are providing you with the full release schedule below:


Phase Date Time
Sunrise for Trademarks Starts 01-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Sunrise for Trademarks Ends 31-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Community Phase for Official and City Gov entities Starts 08-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Community Phase for Official and City Gov entities Ends 06-Oct-17 16:00 UTC
General Availability Starts 10-OCt-17 16:00 UTC

For more information about the launch and how to get your .boston please email support@hello.co.

Boston launch phase policies

Please note that the Registry may amend or modify these policies and documents from time to time in order to comply with applicable laws and terms and conditions set forth by ICANN and/or the Registry. Any revisions or modifications to this .BOSTON Launch Phase Policies shall be effective immediately upon the posting of such revisions or modifications on the Registry’s website and such amendments shall be binding upon the Domain Name Registrant.

The background for the present policy is the orderly, fair and technically organized allocation of .BOSTON Domain Names to individuals and legal persons ("Applicants" or "Registrant") in accordance with this policy and the other integral parts of the contract. The other integral parts of the contract (also "Registry Policies") are:

The Overview, including Definitions.
The Naming Policy;
The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP);
The Registrant Agreement;
The Privacy & whois Policies;
The Registry-Registrar Agreement;
The BOSTON Launch Phase Policies, which describes the timing and other factors related to various selling periods for specific constituencies (i.e., this document)

In the event of conflicting and/or contradictory provisions in other integral parts of the contract agreed between the Registrant and their Registrar or reseller, the rules in the above paragraph have priority. Obligations of the Registrant arising from the above policies shall apply mutatis mutandis to the Applicant.

Applicants are notified that application for registration of a specific Domain Name does not necessarily result in actual registration of the desired Domain Name. Contractual rights and privileges only enter into force with actual registration by the Applicant, who is a Domain Name Registrant from the time of actual registration, and their chosen Registrar. In the event of successful application, this Registrar is the sole contact for all the Registrant's contractual questions for the full term of the domain contract.

The following phases are currently planned:

Phase Date Time
Sunrise for Trademarks Starts 01-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Sunrise for Trademarks Ends 31-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Community Phase for Official and City Gov entities Starts 08-Aug-17 16:00 UTC
Community Phase for Official and City Gov entities Ends 06-Oct-17 16:00 UTC
General Availability Starts 10-OCt-17 16:00 UTC

1. General provisions

Registrations submitted during the various phases must specifically meet the requirements of the Registry Policies, unless there are deviating provisions in the present policy.

The following provisions apply to all registrations submitted to the Registry during Sunrise and applications submitted during the Boston Community Phase.

2. Parties to the application, application procedure, costs

Sunrise Registrations and Boston Community Applications must be made through an ICANNaccredited Registrar that has signed the .BOSTON Registry-Registrar Agreement with the Registry for all phases, which in the case of a Boston Community Domain is the Boston Community Registrar. The fees to be paid by the Applicant in the relevant phases may be found on the websites of the relevant Registrars.

3. Trademark Clearinghouse

During the Sunrise period, mark rights which are the basis for registration of a specific Domain Name must be validated before actual registration. Applicants must have marks and other rights previously validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse ("TMCH"). The TMCH is a service independent of the Registry. Word marks and image marks which have a predominantly and clearly recognizable text element are accepted here for validation. The current validation guidelines of the TMCH can be found at www.trademark-clearingouse.org.

The Registry is not obliged to offer any advice on this.

4. Trademark Claims Service

The Registry is obliged to support the Trademark Claims Service. This means that a Registrant who tries to register a Domain Name identical with a mark deposited in the Trademark Clearinghouse will receive an automatic notification via the Registrar. This notification contains more details on the mark involved, the classes of goods and services protected by the mark, and the territorial area of protection of the mark.

Registration of the Domain Name involved can only be completed if the Registrant explicitly confirms receipt of the notification that the requested Domain Name does not infringe any mark rights.

The Registrant is further notified that the holder of the mark right involved is being informed of the registration.

5. Registry Rights

The Registry is entitled to reject a registration at any time:

if the registration clearly does not meet the requirements of the present policy, or
if the Domain Name is already registered, reserved or blocked, or
ifif this is necessary to protect the integrity and stability of the Registry system and/or the operation and/or administration of the .BOSTON TLD, or
if this is required to ensure legal action by the Registry and/or comply with ICANN • provisions and/or follow court or official rulings, or
to avoid liability on the part of the Registry and the associated companies, managing directors, senior executives, staff and/or subcontractors.

6. Sunrise Period

a. The Sunrise Period is a limited-time opportunity for trademark holders who have entered their marks into the Trademark Clearinghouse database (TMCH) and who wish to register Domain Names in the .BOSTON Top Level Domain (“TLD”). Boston Community Organizations who have entered their marks into the TMCH and who to register Domain Names in the .BOSTON TLD are eligible to participate in the Sunrise Period.
b. Trademark holders may apply for a domain name label that constitutes an “exact match” of their mark, in accordance with the Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”) domain name matching rules. The Registry will charge a Sunrise domain registration fee, for registration of domain names during Sunrise.
c. The Registry will offer an approximately thirty (30) day Start Date Sunrise, in which domain names will be allocated on a First-Come, First-Served basis.
d. In addition to the eligibility requirements set forth in the .BOSTON Registration Policy, the Registry will abide by all policies and procedures adopted by the TMCH. The TMCH will maintain Sunrise Eligibility Requirements (http://trademark-clearinghouse.com/content/whocan-apply), and validate and authenticate marks as applicable. The Registry will only allow trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file issued by the TMCH to apply for and register exact match domain names.

7. Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy

Domain Names which are registered during the Sunrise may be the subject of the complaint procedure described in the Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy (also "SDRP"). For details, see the policy in question.

This does not affect other legal protection mechanisms described in or referred to in the Registry Policies and/or other dispute resolution procedures.

6. Sunrise Period

a. .The Boston Community Period provides an opportunity for Boston Community Organizations to apply for a Boston Community Domain Name registration before .BOSTON Domain Names are made generally available. While no trademark or other rights are required, this period allows for eligible participants to register a Boston Community Domain Name if they meet the requirements of the Registry Policies, and in particular the specific requirements for application and registration of a Boston Community Domain Name.
b. The Boston Community Phase is open to all Boston Community Organizations. A Boston Community Organization is either: (1) a governmental entity, or (2) a non-profit organization categorized under Sections 501(c) 3, 4, 8-10, 13, and 19 of the United States Internal Revenue Code that provides services or support to residents within Boston or is located within Boston and provide services outside of Boston.
c. The Boston Community Registrar may request letters from the Internal Revenue Service or other documentation reasonably satisfactory to the Registry to verify a Boston Community Organization’s eligibility as a Boston Community Domain Name Applicant and/or Registrant.
d. During the Boston Community Phase, Boston Community Organizations are not allowed to use Whois Privacy and/or Proxy Services.
e. The Boston Community Phase will run for approximately thirty (30) days.
f. Applications for Boston Community Domain Name Registrations received during the Boston Community Phase will be evaluated and then be allocated to eligible Boston Community Organizations based on the criteria contained in this document and other Registry Policies.
g. Boston Community Domain Name will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis during the Boston Community Period.

9. General Availability

The last phase describes the general availability of the Domain Names not already allocated during the preceding phases.

From this point, the Domain Names are registered in accordance with the Registry Policies on a “first come, first served” basis, unless reserved, blocked or premium names are concerned. Within the first 90 days from the start of general availability, the Registry will support the Trademark Claims Service as described above.

Complete .boston registration policies available here.

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